Cochabamba is the third most important department in Bolivia. It is a valley located in the center of the country. Much of its territory is mountainous and it is at 2570 meters above sea level.
One of the great virtues of Cochabamba is undoubtedly its excellent climate, which has enchanted many travelers. The weather is sunny most of the year, without extreme temperatures. With an average of 15°C, and the maximum of 26 °C in the summer, and the minimum of 6°C in Winter. Consequently, the thermal sensation is pleasant.

Clothing. We recommend that you bring light clothes to wear during the day, but a coat and sweater for the afternoon and evening and, an umbrella in case of raining.

Language. The official language is Spanish

Exchange rates:  6.96 (Bolivian currency) = 1US$              –    8.50 (Bolivian currency) = 1EURO

VISA. Countries of the European Union, Latin American DO NOT require VISA. A letter of Invitation from the organizers of the event is sufficient.  However, some of the following countries require VISA for entering Bolivia: United States, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Africa and China.