25th anniversary

A story that goes beyond 25 years

With great satisfaction, but also with new goals, 2023 was a special year due to the commemoration of the 25 years of creation of the PROINPA Foundation. In this sense, various activities were carried out during the year, highlighting the impacts achieved, the contributions to society and making visible the thematic lines of the PROINPA Foundation's work with its audiences, renewing and strengthening alliances.

On April 16, 1998, what is now the PROINPA Foundation was institutionally born, an acrostic that broken down means: Foundation for the Promotion and Research in Andean Products.

With a clear vision, defined objectives and continuous observation of the reality and needs of the country's agricultural sector this year 2023, PROINPA Foundation celebrated its Silver Anniversary, with a reflective and always proactive and innovative perspective.

The experience of working in valleys, plains and highlands, with the diversity of crops, as well as productive areas of our country together with the constant interaction with the agricultural and productive sector accompanied by the incessant research and work of all the personnel of the different regional.

In this sense, we wish to express our gratitude and renew our commitment to constant work for the benefit of small, medium and large agricultural producers.

We celebrate being a bridge to create alliances between different internal and external entities of Bolivia, all in consensus towards a productive, sustainable and, above all, regenerative agriculture based on the care and health of the soil, respect and protection of the country's agro-biodiversity and in constant work on technological innovation to offer efficient solutions, such as bioinputs based on native beneficial microorganisms, for agricultural work.