Promote innovation in families of entrepreneurial producers, microenterprises and agricultural companies through the development of technology for the agroecological management of crops, the management and sustainable use of agrobiodiversity, the development of impact-oriented inclusive agrobusinesses and the provision of services, production and marketing of fresh Andean products and derivatives.


PROINPA Foundation is a science and technology organization that generates positive impacts on families of producers, micro-enterprises and agricultural companies through technological innovation. With the ability to adapt and identify opportunities in environment changes. It is recognized in Bolivia and abroad for its efficiency, its contribution and commitment to agricultural development.


Develop technology for the agroecological management of crops.

Promote the sustainable management of agrobiodiversity

Develop impact-oriented inclusive agrobusiness.

Offer services for the production and marketing of fresh Andean products and derivatives.

Values and principles

The work of the PROINPA Foundation is based on the following values and principles. These have allowed it to position itself as a prestigious institution, a reference at a national and international level.

Respect and empowerment

  • We treat all the actors we engage with with dignity and respect, valuing their opinions, demands and decisions.
  • We work to empower farmers, microentrepreneurs and young professionals for joint and effective decision-making.
  • We provide opportunities and motivation to all the talents who work in our organization.


  • We promote and participate in municipal, regional, national and international consultation spaces, for horizontal, joint and participatory work.

Integrity and transparency

  • We act consistently and consistently with our mission.
  • We are honest and transparent in what we think, do and decide.
  • We accept responsibility for our collective and individual actions, whether they lead to successes or failures.
  • We demonstrate strict adherence to labor laws.

Orientation to impact, excellence and efficiency

  • We guide our activities towards generating impact, responding to explicit and implicit demands of society.
  • We monitor and evaluate our activities for their social and environmental impact.
  • We develop research processes in an objective and transparent manner.

Respect for the environment and natural resources

  • We generate environmentally friendly technological proposals, taking into account economic and ecological aspects of local agroecosystems.
  • We look for alternative uses for local agrobiodiversity and develop measures for its conservation in its places of origin.
  • We promote the sustainable management of Bolivia's Natural Resources.