Growth Promoter

Tricobal – L growth regulator: It is a product that works as a developer of resistance and strengthening in plants against diseases, threats (also for foliage) and also promotes growth. Guaranteeing not only development and resistance but self-preservation.

Tricobal Growth Regulator:

This product combines the best characteristics of four microorganisms to guarantee the biocontrol of soil pathogens. In addition, combined with the EnergyTop inoculant, it perfects its nutrition and development properties for the plants in your crop.

VIGORTOP PLUS is a plant growth biostimulant, it is a certified organic product, liquid formulation for foliar application. Vigortop Plus promotes vigorous plant growth and also acts to counteract frost and drought damage to plants (anti-stress effect).

Its main features are:

  • Promotes the growth of the plant, by the action of the phytohormones of the extract of marat.
  • Promotes cell division and elongation, stimulating foliage regrowth in case of drought and frost.
  • Activates the natural resistance of the plant to phytosanitary problems.
  • Vigortop Plus is enriched with natural nitrogen, amino acids and peptides, obtaining more developed plants.
  • Increases the yield and quality of the harvested product.

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