Vigortop Plus

VIGORTOP PLUS is a plant growth biostimulant, it is a certified organic product, liquid formulation for foliar application. Vigortop Plus promotes vigorous plant growth and also acts to counteract frost and drought damage to plants (anti-stress effect).

Its main features are:

  • Promotes the growth of the plant, by the action of the phytohormones of the extract of marat.
  • Promotes cell division and elongation, stimulating foliage regrowth in case of drought and frost.
  • Activates the natural resistance of the plant to phytosanitary problems.
  • Vigortop Plus is enriched with natural nitrogen, amino acids and peptides, obtaining more developed plants.
  • Increases the yield and quality of the harvested product.


This product comes in plastic containers in six forms of presentation:

250ml, 500 ml, 1 liter, 5 lt, 10 lt, 20lt.

Cochabamba, Sucre Tarija and Potosi

Santa Cruz

Extensive crops

Cruceño Valleys

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