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We promote healthy eating through healthy production, valuing the work of family members in each of their tasks. With this goal we have the ability to work with any entity that has similar interests, in a fair and reasonable dialectic.


Preparation and execution of projects

We are passionate about research and development of innovations, for this we have specialized personnel in the agricultural area, we work from the conviction that regenerative agriculture is the pillar for the sustainability of life, from there and together with family, medium-sized units and large companies, we promote productive ventures with the capacity to scale that reach different markets and consumers' tables.

Contact email: j.blajos@proinpa.org



The PROINPA Foundation's plant health laboratory offers the following services at the client's request.

The PROINPA Foundation's plant health laboratory offers the following services at the client's request.

  • Diagnosis of fungi, bacteria, viruses and nematodes by routine techniques: seeding in media crops, serology, stereomicroscope and microscope observations using taxonomic codes, molecular diagnosis.
  • Training in diagnostic techniques.
  • Risk analysis.
  • Pesticide resistance tests.
  • Development of integrated pest and disease management strategies.
  • Isolation of beneficial microorganisms.
  • Characterization of mechanisms of action of beneficial microorganisms.
  • Quality control of products based on microorganisms: concentration and viability.
  • Efficiency tests

Microbiology Laboratory

The research begins by taking samples of differentiated agroecosystems, isolating native microorganisms, biochemically characterizing them, and identifying the selected and promising strains molecularly.

Contact email: g.plata@proinpa.org


Technical assistance and training

PROINPA Foundation carries out different customized training events aimed at strategic partners, municipal technicians, technicians from other NGOs and groups of producers at the national level.

Contact email: j.blajos@proinpa.org