Growth Regulator


Bacterial Mix growth regulator:

It is a growth promoter that takes advantage of the beneficial bioactive substances of the bacteria that compose it to develop and promote the strengthening of plants. It also represents an advantage, since the component bacteria will wait for the appropriate conditions to germinate and function as beneficial pathogens.

This product comes in plastic containers in five forms of presentation:
250 cc, 1 liter, 5 liters, 10 liters and 20 liters

Cochabamba, Sucre Tarija and Potosi

Santa Cruz

Extensive crops

Cruceño Valleys


By having several beneficial microorganisms, BACTERIAL MIX, acts in two ways: on one hand, it controls pathogens that cause foliar diseases and induces systemic resistance and, on the other hand, it acts as a growth promoter. These bacteria use several mechanisms to combat pathogens:

  • Direct action: the bacteria produce lipopeptides, which have bactericidal-fungicidal activity, cause perforation of the walls of the mycelium and germ tubes of fungi and prevent spore germination.
  • Competition for space: they compete for space and nutrients with phytopathogenic fungi and bacteria, thus achieving a preventive action in the development of diseases.
  • Resistance induction: they activate the natural immune system of plants, thus improving their resistance to attack by pathogenic microorganisms.


As a growth promoter, the bacteria of BACTERIAL MIX release growth regulating substances (AIA), and other beneficial bioactive substances, which promote the development and growth of plants. It is important to note that gender bacillus forms endospores when conditions are not favorable and these allow it to withstand adverse conditions (high radiation, drought, etc.). This characteristic represents a great advantage when formulating a biofungicide and/or biobactericide, since the bacteria can wait for the appropriate conditions to germinate and act against the pathogens.

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