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The conservation and sustainable management of genetic resources is promoted in agrobiodiversity centers in Bolivia. It works with a focus on food security, resilience to climate change and market access. Mainly, “specialty” market opportunities are explored based on products with potential offered by agrobiodiversity, particularly native in Bolivia.

The focus of the AGB Program promotes economic-productive, socio-cultural, ecological and political-institutional impacts on the inhabitants and territories with centers of agrobiodiversity. To do this, we work with families of farmers, producer associations, community authorities, municipal governments and NGOs in the territories where the agrobiodiversity centers are located. 

The objectives of the AGB Program are:

  • Consolidate the strategy for the conservation and sustainable management of genetic resources in agrobiodiversity centers.
  • Promote economic-productive ventures, taking advantage of the comparative advantages of native agrobiodiversity resources-
  • Provide services related to the sustainable management of agrobiodiversity resources at the local, national or international level.

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