Quinoa, cañahua, tarwi, etc. They are crops that originate in the Andean zone and are of high importance in food security, income generation, in culinary use and in the local culture of its inhabitants. This program focuses on the development of technological alternatives for the sustainable production of these crops, in complex systems such as the Bolivian highlands (erosion, drought, low fertility, etc.), in its relationship with the soil, the native species of the environment , their interaction with the fauna of the highland (camelids, parasitoids, etc.) and in the promotion of innovations for the agro-industrial transformation of these grains.

The objectives of the program are:

  • Improve the productivity and resilience of agri-food systems based on Andean grains
  • Generate technological innovations for the sustainable management of Andean grains.
  • Produce and commercialize quinoa and cañahua seeds and grains, satisfying the demand of the national and international markets.
  • Provide services related to technological, institutional, commercial and organizational innovations in the productive complex of Andean grains.

Contact email: w.rojas@proinpa.org