The program promotes the generation of wealth in a holistic sense, through the increase of social and financial capital with commercial and institutional innovations and an efficient production system.

The inclusion of low-income farmers in productive chains is the product of the interaction of the actors, in a win-win logic. The empowerment of farmers, the improvement of their products and the communication between actors, allows these relationships to remain over time once the support of the projects ends, making it sustainable.

The objectives of the program are:

  • Increase the income and well-being of low-income farming families, through their inclusion in sustainable agrobusinesses
  • Increase the empowerment of men and women, of their social and financial capital for the generation of wealth for farming families
  • Develop commercial and institutional innovations and an efficient production system, so that farming families generate wealth
  • Provide services related to the planning, development and participatory evaluation of projects (base lines and impact evaluation), articulation with small-scale producer markets (market studies, business plans and profitability analysis) and training of farmers and young professionals in market access techniques and tools.

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