The MIC Program develops technologies for integrated crop management, with an agroecological approach and resilience of Bolivian agri-food systems. The program develops:

  • New varieties with tolerance to biotic and abiotic factors,
  • Ecological inputs to reduce the effects of pests and diseases,
  • Ecological inputs for soil fertility and plant nutrition,
  • Strategies for organic and conventional crop management

MIC's areas of expertise are: plant health, agricultural microbiology, soil fertility and plant nutrition. The MIC works with biocontrol microorganisms, entomopathogens and biofertilizers; as well as with pheromones, plant extracts, biomolecules, peptides, parasitoids, etc.

The objectives of the MIC Program are:

  • Develop technology for integrated crop management
  • Improve the productivity and resilience of the agri-food systems of the highland, valleys and plains of Bolivia
  • Develop efficient strategies for organic and conventional crop management
  • Develop strategies to improve soil health, the main capital of agriculture
  • Provide consulting services on issues related to integrated crop management

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