PROINPA and PRO-CAMÉLIDOS sign an agreement to improve productivity in the context of Climate Change

Signature of the Agreement between the PROINPA Foundation and Pro-Camelidae

With the objective of improving productivity in production systems based on quinoa and llama, in the context of climate change, yesterday, Wednesday, July 28, in the city of La Paz, a collaborative agreement was signed between the Comprehensive Strengthening Program of the Complex Camelids in the Altiplano (PRO-CAMÉLIDOS) – PEU dependent on the Ministry of Rural Development and Land and the PROINPA Foundation.

Sample of grass seedlings that PROINPA will deliver to Pro-Camelids

This action seeks to promote sustainable soil management practices, recovery of soil fertility and vegetation cover, as well as the improvement of pastures to contribute to the breeding of llamas in arid areas of the Bolivian altiplano as part of the Project "Agricultural Practices of Conservation in Livestock Agricultural Systems”

Part of the PROINPA Technical team that will operate the Agreement with Pro-Camelids

Thus, the PRO-CAMELIDOS Program and the PROINPA Foundation, in order to improve the living conditions of families linked to the camelid complex and increase livestock productivity in the municipalities of the Bolivian altiplano, agreed on the following points:


  • Make thirty thousand (30,000) grass seedlings freely available to PRO-CAMELIDOS for their implementation in cattle-raising areas of the Southern Altiplano where PRO-CAMELIDOS has action.
  • Preparation of dissemination material on the transplantation and establishment of pastures and the management of pastures for llamas
  • Testing and use of BIOTIC, a probiotic to improve the nutrition and health of llamas.
  • Holding training events on pasture and shrub management to improve the availability of forage for llamas.
  • Support the management of projects for their joint execution on issues aimed at improving pastures and shrubs in the southern highlands with a focus on sustainable soil management.

The work and all initiatives of the PROINPA Foundation go with the objective of promoting technological innovations towards agricultural work and for the benefit of all the actors in the country's productive chain.