Values and principles

Respect and empowerment: to local knowledge, to the knowledge of partners and allies, to national policies. We treat each one of the actors that get involved with us with
dignity and respect for what we value and take into account their opinions, demands and decisions. We work for the empowerment of farmers,
microentrepreneurs and young professionals for effective decision making. We provide opportunities and motivation to all the talents that work in our

Alliances: We do not seek to do everything ourselves, we promote and participate in municipal, regional, national and international forums for agreement.

Integrity and transparency: We act consistently and consistent with our mission. We are honest and transparent in what we think, do and decide. We accept responsibility for our collective and individual actions, whether they lead to success or failure. Strict adherence to labor laws.

Orientation to impact, Excellence and efficiency: PROINPA's activities are impact-oriented and respond to the explicit and implicit demand of society; these activities are monitored and evaluated for their social and environmental impact. The research carried out is objective and transparent.

Respect for the environment and natural resources: We generate technological proposals taking into account economic and ecological aspects so as not to harm the environment in agro-ecosystems, we seek alternative uses for Genetic Resources to conserve cultivated biodiversity in their places of origin and we manage Natural Resources in a sustainable manner.