PROINPA researchers in the cultivation of quinoa were recognized and honored by the National Government and the International Quinoa Center.

The Quinoa Innovation Program of the PROINPA Foundation is proud to present researchers, part of our team, who were awarded last December 28 in La Paz for all their scientific work related to the cultivation of quinoa.

The recognition was in charge of the Ministry of Rural Development and Lands and the International Quinoa Center (CIQ), on the occasion and at the time of the award ceremony, the work of prominent PROINPA professionals was highlighted, such as: Wilfredo Rojas, Alejandro Bonifacio , Raul Saravia, Genaro Aroni, Julio Grabriel and our dear and remembered Antonio Gandarillas (+), likewise, an expert dossier called "OUTSTANDING BOLIVIANS IN QUINOA RESEARCH" was delivered, printed in the present management by the Department of Management of CIQ information.

We share this moment and express our congratulations and pride in the work of our colleagues, likewise serve as motivation for themselves and all professionals to remember the value of research in the different crops of our country and on this occasion of Quinoa.

The categories in which our colleagues were awarded are:


PhD. Alexander Bonifacio; management of shrubs, legumes and grasses to contribute to the sustainable production of quinoa.

M.Sc. Wilfredo Rojas; Multivariate analysis of the genetic diversity of Bolivian quinoa germplasm.


Eng. Genaro Aroni Janco; management of shrubs, legumes and grasses to contribute to the sustainable production of quinoa.


M. Sc. Ing. Raúl Saravia Zurita; evaluation of the vpn for the management of ticonas: bio-input for the organic management of quinoa.


PhD. Antonio Gandarillas; The sustainability of quinoa in the Andes: Bolivia case IV World Congress of Quinoa (IV CMQ)

PhD. Julio Gabriel: quinoa from the valley (chenopodium quinoa willd) valuable source of genetic resistance to downy mildew (perenospora farinosa willd).


  1. milton gonzales

    Much deserved recognition, we thank you for the scientific and professional work

  2. Daniel Bertero

    send the catalog… And congratulations to the winners

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