Evaluation and development of Soybean crops in cooperation with INTAGRO

Field day at Los Sueños property

On March 7, a field day was held at INTAGRO's Los Sueños Property, in the La Planchada del Norte Integrated area of Santa Cruz. The event was organized by CANIOB, INTAGRO and PROINPA, with the participation of technicians from companies and institutions (LANDICORP, Granos, ANAPO, ALICORP, PROLEGA, PRIAS, INTAGRO, PROINPA and others).

The event had the purpose of visiting plots of soybean crops to observe and compare plots where the PROINPA strategy was applied, based on the use of bioinputs and local management based on the use of agrochemicals, appreciating the benefits and application differences between products. chemicals and biological inputs from the PROINPA Foundation, the efficiency in disease and pest control (plant health) was evaluated, in addition to crop development. Attendees were also able to observe and use the varied range of organic products offered by the Foundation, as an alternative for environmentally friendly regenerative agriculture.

Expositions and evaluations of the application of bioinputs in the plots were carried out, where the data of the tests carried out were appreciated and how they yielded data of utmost importance for the growth of the crops.

A field day is planned for the harvest to collect information on the harvest, analyze and compare with numbers the differences and benefits between the two production systems.

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