Framework Agreement for Interinstitutional Cooperation between the Association of Oilseed and Wheat Producers (ANAPO) and the Foundation for the Promotion and Research of Andean Products (PROINPA)

On February 24, 2024, the inter-institutional cooperation agreement was signed between ANAPO and the PROINPA Foundation during the 2024 Soy Expo in the city of Santa Cruz. The representatives of both institutions, José Romero Pinto (president of ANAPO) and Dr. Rolando Oros Martínez (general manager of PROINPA) signed the agreement in which the following agreements are broadly stipulated:
Articulate collaborative efforts for the common implementation of dissemination, training, technology transfer and research activities that promote the use of biological control under a focus on sustainable management of the production produced by ANAPO associates.

Scope: To develop training and technology transfer activities, prepare and publish informative sheets with technical information, Validate technical recommendations to promote the biological control of diseases, Jointly carry out studies and research projects, Exchange experiences in crop monitoring, etc. .
The cooperation framework came into force at the time of signing and will be valid for two years during which both institutions will carry out research, production and dissemination of the results obtained. Furthermore, the agreement stipulates the possibility of tacitly renewing in equal periods.
We celebrate this new alliance and the future results that this collaboration will provide for the development of our country.

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